Toleman TG184 2013

Retro Formula 1 – Toleman TG184

A couple of months ago we released some designs featuring retro formula one liveries on a 2013 car. The images received a lot of comments in forums and we received some great feedback, as well as the images sparking some rumours that McLaren would be using the old red/white colour scheme in 2015 when Honda return. Oops!

Following on from those eight original cars we have  six new ones to release here over the coming weeks. Racing driver and walking Formula One fact book John Langridge will provide us with a few words about each car, explaining why it was one of the greats and elaborating on some of the facts in our infographic.

Anyway, without any further babbling, here is our opener, 1984′s Toleman TG184… over to John to explain more. Enjoy!

Toleman TG184 Infographic

“This car was made famous by young Brazilian Ayrton Senna, who used it to announce himself to the world  early in the summer of 1984. He had already caused a stir driving the TG184′s predecessor, the TG183B, in the first four races of the season by scoring points on two separate occasions. But at Monaco on 3rd June, in only the second race for the car, Senna cut through the field in awful weather to set fastest lap and score his first podium finish. He was so fast he was catching Prost’s McLaren easily and would have gone on to take the lead had the race not been stopped early.

Senna went on to score two more podium finishes that year, at the British and Portuguese Grand Prix. But the TG184 did not save all of its success for Ayrton, because Swede Stefan Johansson used it to great effect to score his first points in Formula 1 at the Italian Grand Prix, coming home in forth place.

1984 will be remembered as Toleman’s finest hour and if you research the team chances are one of the first images you see will be of Ayrton Senna driving the TG184 in the wet at Monaco. That wasn’t the end of the story for the Toleman team though, because although they did not continue beyond the end of the 1985 season, they became the Benetton team in 1986 and still survive today as Lotus F1.”

Full Size Image

John LangridgeJohn Langridge is a racing driver based in Sussex, England. Want to know more? Check out his website at johnlangridge.com



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